Hannah gives Atmospheric Sciences seminar

Hannah gave the Atmospheric Sciences Department seminar today, on her recent paper: “Effects of Sea Salt Aerosol Emissions for Marine Cloud Brightening on Atmospheric Chemistry: Implications for Radiative Forcing”.  It was the first virtual colloquium of what would become an entirely online series. In spite of that, it was a lot of fun and people were […]

Positions available for graduate students & postdoc!

Opportunities are available in the Horowitz group for graduate students and a postdoc! Spread the word 🙂 Example areas of potential projects include: Feedbacks of geoengineering on atmospheric chemistry and air quality Improving representation of aerosol particles in climate models to improve predictions of climate change Mercury pollution in the ocean and/or atmosphere under climate […]

Hannah performs planetarium shows at the Pacific Science Center, Seattle!

Today Hannah performed her portion of a live-narrated planetarium show, “Earth: Pole to Pole,” at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle for two all-ages audiences. The show was developed collaboratively as part of the Portal to the Public Science Communication Fellowship program, with science center staff, Fellows, and Dr. Harry Stern of the Applied Physics […]